The Standards and Qualifications Committee (SQC) is a self-organizing committee under the supervision of the Board of Directors and its role will be comprised of, among other things: performing due diligence of the application from a prospective Member in relation to educational and examinations issues; setting and maintaining the standards of competence for the EFPA qualifications; establishing and maintaining of examination standards; establishing and maintaining continuing education standards for National Affiliate Continuing Education Programs; making recommendations respecting the accreditation of National Affiliates qualification standards and continuing education standards; accrediting any non-EFPA qualifications which are the subject of agreements made between EFPA and third parties; conducting research in the financial advice sector on matters of interest to the EFPA Board of Directors; and undertaking periodic review and update of the EFPA Code of Ethics as required by the Board of Directors.

 European Investment Practitioner (EQF 4)

Full practice on providing information on financial products (including complex products) and a non sophisticated/occasional advice by assessing clients needs and developing a financial solution based on non-complex products. The training programs should be covered in a minimum of 64 tuition hours or equivalent.

European Investment Assistant (EQF 3)

Assistance to other professionals and provision of information to costumers on non-complex products. The training program should be covered in a minimum of 32 tuition hours or equivalent.